My idea of a good time

An odd effect of quality writing time is a desire for quality cooking time. I'd forgotten about it until last week, but it's happened before and it's still true. Creativity must all live in the same set of neurons in the grey matter. Sequencing and memory are elsewhere - I don't remember why I stumbled onto this today. It's yummy looking in every possible way, though. This is when the Weed Motto for Gardeners comes in handy. "It's not a weed if you want it there; how it got there doesn't matter." How I got here - to Culinate - doesn't matter.

The immediately preceding page was this one:Gourmet Magazine's FAVORITE FOOD SITES page. If my life were made of food pursuits of any kinds, that's a page I'd want to be on.

From there, I found Culinate.

At Culinate we’re engaged in an ongoing conversation about eating well. Our content — articles, cooking tips, interviews, recipes, podcasts, food news, blog posts — helps people put real food at the center of their lives.

After all, food is fundamental. We all make dozens of decisions about it every day: what to eat, where to buy it, how to prepare it. But there’s more to dinner than meets the eye.

Where does our food come from? How is it produced? What does the phrase “you are what you eat” mean in the 21st century?

Culinate is a community for eaters who are asking just these kinds of questions.

Nice, eh? There are links and recipes and articles -- seasonal and basic and avant garde - gorgeous layout, gorgeous photos. Very, very nice.

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