Hope this doesn't jinx it ...

This feels pretty good. I hope posting it doesn't jinx it. And the 19 attempted credits doesn't count all the PLA writing I've done - 21 credits worth so far, all with recommendations for full credit. It took me most of my unaccredited college career to get to this level of stress-control, which leads to this level of grades.

(Hope this doesn't jinx it.)

(Did I say that already?)

CourseTitleFinal GradeRepeatAttempted CreditsEarned CreditsGPA CreditsQuality PointsGPA
CHS 382 E19th-Century Literature & CultureA-
LRN 311 FPortfolio Development StudiesP-2.002.0000
SCI 366 AProblem SolvingA-
Term Totals:
Career Totals:19.0019.007.0028.004.0000


Mossback Meadow said...

Did you enjoy your 19th century lit class? Read anything good? Sounds interesting.

Stephanie said...

Yeah ... I did like it. And when I looked at the courses for the Rhetoric & Teaching concentration, I saw that the lit course I just took fills one of the requirements! Nice!

We read Dickens, Austen, Conrad, Forster, and Doyle. I'm going to go find more Forster - his writing really shimmers.