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It's All in the Mind, You're the Psychic Hero

5 Psychic

Psychic heroes all are brains. They don't have brawn, they don't need it. You don't have just one or two mental abilities, you have tons of them. You are analytical and probably capable of reading minds. This makes it so you can avoid fights even with the biggest and baddest. Knock out their nerve system or brain, down they go.

The Good: You are immensely powerful and your deep understanding of the mind makes you a perfect mentor for other fledgling heroes. Heroes both veteran and neophyte look up to you and come to you for advice when they're in a jam.

The bad: If you're not careful you can overwork your brain. Then you are helpless and probably passed out. If someone gets the drop on you and you can't react with a strong enough psychic attack, you can't take a good hit. I hope you can think fast.

Examples: Professor X, the White Queen, Jean Grey

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