Design My Office

Dear Reader of this Little Blog,

Tomorrow is the big day. Tomorrow, the husband/dad takes the son to the college campus four hours away, and when this has happened, this house will be a two-person house. It's time to make certain alterations in this house.

First and foremost on my list is my own little office. This computer must be removed from the first floor of the house. It needs to be housed permanently in a room dedicated to computer work - writing - creating - thinking - praying - sitting - reading - studying ...
So here's my question for you. If you could have any one or two things as part of your own little room for such activities, what would you choose? Help me out here. Dream up your ideal office space. What's in it? Tell me. The fun is about to begin.


Polly said...

A huge bulletin board area for an "inspiration board," on which I post pretty pictures, things I want to make, quotes, lists, etc.

A north facing window.

A manual typewriter.

A lovely scented candle.


Art supplies.

A fainting couch for reading or naps.

Mario said...

#1: A picture of my sweetheart.

#2: All that other stuff.

Willa said...

I have always wanted a kneeler.

And a window with a good morning light (I guess that part's a bit harder to control).

Lots of shelves.

I love my laptop, color laser printer, comb binder and cardstock, but I guess that's not really furniture.

I would probably try to get a cool desk with lots of little spaces.

And maybe a coffee maker ! : ).

Oh, you shouldn't have gotten me started!