It's no use

Nope, that's it. The bearded young giant may very well love the campus, and be having a perfectly lovely time, but I'm sorry. I know I said it's peaceful here. But ... well ... we didn't think this through. He will simply have to come home. We have encountered a couple of problems. This is one of them. I have buried myself in my own kitchen mess, and I think I may have forgotten how to get out on my own! John! Come home and clean the kitchen! The pasta with roasted squash and spinach in a Bechamel sauce was tasty ... but egad! Now what do I do?

(Just kidding, son. Well, mostly just kidding. I know what to do, I just don't want to do it.)

Addendum: We found the scrubber brush. I guess he can stay in school after all.


Mossback Meadow said...

Are you familiar with Peg Bracken of the I Hate to Cook Book series? (1960s)

She wrote that cooking a big meal was a bit like a military conflict -- you expect to see a few bodies on the battlefield ( that is, a big mess) afterwards.

It's great to see a picture of your kitchen - I like picturing you in context.
Did you every make your fabric wall?

Stephanie said...

I really do have to find old copies somewhere of those Peg Bracken books. It didn't take me very long to clean up the chaos, by the way.

No to the fabric wall. We're living with the unfinished mishmash at the moment, but it's weather proof, so I hesitate to complain. I hope to have that wall look like a finished interior wall by Christmas this year, but we'll see.