Today, on the "farm"

We don't really have an actual farm, of course. But - just in case you didn't know this - our last name is Lillegard, and that's Norwegian for "little farm," and we do have two goats (if you don't count Yogi the Aging Defoliant, currently living in the other barn at the other brother's property), and we have had cows and steers, and we do have a tractor, and hay, and other farmish things. So ...

Today on the farm,

...the goats are now tied out in the side yard, close to the house, yelling from time to time, apparently just for the exercise of vocal chords and the testing of the sound properties between house and well house. For some reason, every goat noise sounds like a very funny joke, and it makes me laugh. It's so random!

...the "lawn" (field grass hay growing in the smaller, uphill space of field between house and forest) was mown by means of chuffing orange tractor and field mower. There's something about the sight of the husband on the tractor, turned half sideways in the seat to keep an eye on the results as he passes, that makes me happy all the way to my spinal column. There is something about that intellectual, multi-lingual, brain atop the body of the farmer. Somehow it's completely what it should be.

...and a very coily, skinny, sinewy little snake has been removed from the bathroom laundry, by means of a bathroom wastebasket that I am now informed "is a useless shape." I was unaware that bathroom wastebaskets needed to be purchased for their snake removal facilitation, and when I mentioned this, I got, "well, mice then." As in ... at least purchase wastebaskets that would help with mouse removal. Somehow this just never occurs to me while I'm standing in the wastebaskets and toothbrush holder aisle at the store. (And who will remove my snakes and mice when that bearded young giant heads off to school in a few weeks? I know the getter of such things isn't going with him, and so we shall have to come to some sort of arrangement, she and I ... sitting there so innocent like, in the doorway ... snakes, for cryin out loud!)

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