Wiffle the Drama Queen

We have these two goats. As far as I'm concerned, their names are Wiffle and Puck. As in, wiffle ball, and hockey puck. Yeah, yeah ... cute, right? Awwww.

Only the thing is ...

goats are not very smart. Or, at least, these two aren't. They've got about three brain cells between them, and this smaller, lighter colored one here - Wiffle - he only uses his one brain cell some of the time.

Puck's nobody's genius either, mind you. But at least his "maaaaaah!" sounds like a goat sound. He calls out from time to time, and he gets a little worried if he can't see his pal, but he just acts like a goat.

But Wiffle! He has used all the power of that one brain cell to do one thing. He has learned that the car that drives up in the evening carries the person who carries the grain can. And IF that person decides to, say, go up to the barn without the goats to get the grain, leaving the goats right where they are, the sounds Wiffle makes would bring anyone within earshot running to see why someone is skinning him alive. Or crushing him in a giant vise. Or something! What a truly awful noise!

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