Make the cup holder come back out

Umm .... computers are a discussion topic in this house. Pretty much since the early days of home computers, we've had one, and it's generally been assembled, component by component, by the man and then the men in the house. And I've never been the techno-maven. I call for help when I need it. But ... I'm a little more savvy than some people, apparently.

Help, I Can't Find The 'Any" Key

Morning Edition, September 25, 2008 · The technology staffing firm, Robert Half Technology, asked more than a thousand IT executives what are the most baffling questions to come across your computer help desk. They include the query from a computer user who thought the CD-ROM drive was a drink holder and called to ask, "How do I get my computer's coffee-cup holder to come out again?"Another caller became confused when his computer told him to press any key to continue. He asked, "Where's the 'any' key?" Then there's caller who dialed in asking, "Why isn't my wireless mouse connected to the computer?"

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