What else was in the dumpster?

Who knew! Apparently "looted" is a real word. I thought it was slang for "stolen." But no ... apparently, "The Commission for Looted Art in Europe" is representing the family from which a valuable Middle Ages cross had been stolen when the Nazis marched across the people and plunder of Europe, crushing and dispersing everything they could touch.

Now this cross has been found - by a dumpster diver - who may or may not be receiving compensation for her find. The museum is holding it for safe keeping while it is decided where the treasure should go.

The cross was in the dumpster because the clueless relatives of a hotel owner cleaned out his house after he died - they didn't want it, so they chucked it into the trash. And the dumpster diver found it.

And I find myself wondering what else they threw away when they cleaned out that house. Were there books with the age spot foxing on the edges of the pages? Paintings that didn't seem important? I have a very clear vision of a heap of "trash" I saw once in a similar situation, heaped up next to the door ... and I wonder what else went out with the litter that day.

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Marie Francesca said...

I read about that. I'd like to see what I could find looting locally. Probably nothing but smelly old sofas.