It's the season for garage sales and yard sales and rummage sales ... everyone buying everyone else's garbage. (To me, this is an endless source of bemusement - our cultural excess shifting rituals.) Well, sometimes it goes too far. This was in today's Morning Edition at NPR.

August 7, 2007 · Anita Lewis sold a jar shaped like a turtle at a yard sale in Elmira, New York for 50 cents but she needs it back. Only after the sale did she realize the turtle contained ashes — the ashes of her husband's previous wife who collected turtles. Anita Lewis is now trying to find the buyer, who was planning to use the turtle as a cookie jar.

Addendum: (phew!) The ashes are back again. The Salvation Army got 'em and sent 'em home. Poetically perfect, I think ... the Salvation Army indeed.

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