Tell me what you think

Chime in, Readers! Is this a better or more readable format for this blog?

I've been looking at it on a computer not my own, and I hate the green background here! It's so pretty on my computer at home, but now I think maybe it doesn't translate. Do you like it this way or the old way? Could some of you chime in and say?



Gina said...

The white looks a bit stark and bland. I liked the green.

Mario said...

I liked the old format better.

Anonymous said...

I like the larger print but I agree the white is stark. Perhaps different color?? Nell

Carol Whipps said...

It sort of doesn't look like green to me. More of a yellow.

Hey, I know! What about light blue! : )

Carol Whipps said...

At first I thought it was yellow, but compared to a little yellow sticky note, I guess it is green indeed.

Blue's the best, you know. : )