"Blocking"? What do you mean, "blocking"?

Guys outside. Guys who've finished putting actual real honest to goodness sheet rock on the inside of the wall are working on the outside of the wall. They're putting in "blocking."

So ... is "blocking"

-- a football maneuver?

-- what you do to your knitting project when you're all finished making it?

-- the setting up of the stage and deciding on the placement of people and things that are supposed to be on the stage?

or, none of the above.

Today, none of the above. Today, "blocking" is the insertion of wood blocks (lengths of 2"x4" wood framing) into the wall. For what? Well, in this case it is for the stopping of the rodent habitrail in which we have been living. The guys just told me to come look. They were tearing out strips of insulation ... insulation in which there was evidence of entire rodent subdivisions. I suppose the reason I needed to go look was because misery loves company.

I did show my appreciation of all of this. They both got big glasses of iced tea immediately following the demonstration. And may I just please remain ignorant of the details in future? I can just "know" that my house is cleaner and healthier now. Really. I'm that good. My imagination will work just fine. I swear.

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