Time to Remember

This (click on the word "this") is the first thing I've read from a current homeschooler that actually makes me nostalgic for the old days. Most of her choices are what I used, for one thing. But mostly, her way of thinking about her kids and their education and what it is to be a group of people learning together, and comfortably reading a story ... well, it feels nostalgic to me.

And it sounds more idyllic than it turns out to be, but could never sound as profoundly formational as it turns out to be. I wondered if it would be true - so many days it felt like a long and laborious exercise in futility. But now, years later, I don't regret a single hour of it. It's nice - like flipping through a photo album and remembering the good stuff.

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Mrs. MacAodhagain said...

Yes, that does sound idyllic. I'm in the trenches, and often wracked with guilt about I"m sloppy and lazy and it's not all perfect. And yet, there is something intangible that our family has. I wouldn't do anything different.