Well, there's rain and then there's rain

Uh ... it's picked up a bit out there. It was so gentle and calm this morning. Everything got a good soaking. And then the sun came out.

Ahhhh... very nice ....!

But it's not exactly soft or calm any more!

And the World's Ugliest Goat? Not happy.
You'd think he'd be happy to have some of the stench washed off of him, but he is most seriously not happy. At all.

The trumpet vine is happy. The trees are happy. The lilac hedge is happy.

The goat is not happy.

And I don't see the dogs anywhere! Oh. Wait. Libby's moping in the well house.

Lucky for the animals, it's July not January. This will all be over as suddenly as it started.

1 comment:

TimnND said...

Its like that wonderful tropical rain where it actually feels like it is RAINING!! Oh except when you go out to play in it you realize its cold and not very tropical at all! Hehe!