Think you're well-read?

You know the joke about "classics" being the books you want on your shelves but never really get around to actually reading? Well, take the BBC quiz! See how many works of literature you know just by their opening lines - no, really. Try it. (You might want to get a small glass of Sherry first - it's pretty humiliating.)

Leading literary firms failed to recognise the work of Jane Austen when it was sent in by a prankster.

The opening chapters of three novels were submitted under an invented name, with titles and character names changed.

Think you can do better? Try our opening line quiz.


Gina said...

Pfffft! I would need the sherry decanter. I have no delusions of grandeur on this one.

TimnND said...

The sherry didnt help. Vodka might make the humiliation feel less painful though! =)