As long as you're cookin' ...

"I want tacos tonight."

"We don't have any ingredients for tacos."

"So make a list - I'm going to the store anyway, to check on my schedule."

"That's a lot of stuff! Oh, wait. We have some chicken ... how about chicken tacos?"


"Do we have beer?"

"No, we're out. -- But I can't buy beer."

"Right. Never mind."

"No - put it on the list - I'll go get John."

"He's probably not ready to go anywhere ... I don't think he showered today."

"I don't care about that!" (said while voice fades up the stairs, on the way to roust brother of the age of majority)

(fast forward to chicken in pan ...)

In fridge, leftover carmelized corn with sweet onions ... leftover wild and brown rice mixture ... add those and the seasoning mix (Taco Bell seasoning of all things! Fewer weird ingredients than the other one) ...

"Can we eat yet? Is it done?"

"Yeah - dad's on his way, but go ahead."

"What did you put in this???"

"Corn and rice."

"Hm! Weird."

..... (chewing)

"Wow. This is really good!" (How old will he be when he doesn't sound surprised when he says that?)


Favorite Apron said...

Your kitchen is pretty and feminine. I love pink.

Stephanie said...

It does look pink in the picture - I think it's a trick of the light. The curtains are red and white checkered, and when the sun comes through them, that's a little pink, and then the walls are a sort of pale salmon color (it looked off-white and creamy in the background of the wallpaper border, and I matched that, and it turned out to be more peach than I'd planned ...)

My next idea is to go yellow, white, and blue. (I figure this may happen before I'm sixty years old. I've got 13 years.)

Francesca said...

(How old will he be when he doesn't sound surprised when he says that?)


Some day, I guarantee...but only after he makes his *own* tacos with remnants from his *own* refrigerator...

Steve said...

yeah....im glad i shaved.