Thursday's lessons: stop asking questions and just cook the dinner

Much has been written about bigger boys wanting bigger toys - it sounds so belittling. Now, granted, the bigger boys (we call them "men" here, thank you very much) are, in the unguarded moments, as gleeful with their toys as the littler boys are with theirs. But I for one am exceeding glad above all I could ask or think for the fact that the big boys want to play with the miter saw.

It seems to me to be a very good idea indeed. Especially when the result is the cutting and then air-hammering of these little lengths of lumber. See that? See what he's doing there? They go all the way across now, and I just asked why he's doing that.

He told me.

"So your walls don't become chimneys."

(mmm-hmm... yes, I see ...)

"And so the mousies can't just go anywhere they want to."

(ah. very good reason. I'll stop asking questions now.)

And this is what happens when the deputized shopper forgets to buy salad macaroni. We use the asparagus we have, the lovely new blackberry balsamic vinegar, the pasta we have, and some sea salt and lemon pepper and call it good.

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Gina said...

Call it good? I bet it was great! It looks absolutely delicious. What does Dan Ho say about simple cooking and five ingredients?