Blueberry Bash

It's the picture that got to me, really ... but the recipes look wonderful too. This is put together by a group of Roman Catholic homeschooling moms, some of the most staunchly cheerful women one could ever meet. I glance at their blogs once in awhile. Maybe it's a stop gap measure for me during the season between kids of my own and kids of my kids (a season a lot of these women skip - they've still got the one when they start getting the other). There is a lot of joy for me in the snapshot scenes from their lives. Anyway ... it's Blueberry Bash at the Virtual Kitchen. Yum!

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Francesca said...


I have too little time to luxuriently search for and devour interesting blogs.

I'm so glad you do! I find myself bookmarking them like crazy.

Thanks, my friend, for this one, too!