If you're gonna hire a repo guy...

Maybe it appeals to our sense of justice ... or maybe it just helps us feel a bit smug ... but "stupid criminals" stories are endlessly amusing.

I once heard of a guy who went through the bank drive through, and couldn't figure out why they were taking so long to hand him back a receipt for the cash in the money bag. When the police pulled up behind him, it became apparent that the bag he'd put into the drive-through drawer thingamajig was the wrong bag - he'd tried to deposit his stash of weed.

And then there was the guy who couldn't quite manage to lose the police chasing him through the dark woods ... because he was wearing the kind of tennis shoes that light up when you take a step.

Well, today, a new winner in "clever? or dumb as an old truck tire?" class emerges. Get this.

First, these inmates in federal prison in Oklahoma copyrighted their names. (Is it perhaps possible that the "rights" given to prisoners have become a bit over-generous? How on earth did that even happen?)

Then demanded money from the warden for using the names without permission.

"The indictment alleges that inmates Russell Dean Landers, Clayton Heath Albers, Carl Ervin Batts and Barry Dean Bischof sent demand notices for payment to the warden of the El Reno federal prison and filed liens against his property."
(Now I'm wondering if the lawyers for these Bozos need to be charged with Criminal Silliness!)

Then they offered to back off — in exchange for freedom!
(How much free time did these guys have anyway?)

It didn't end well. The repo man they had hired to seize the warden's belongings was an undercover FBI agent.
(And the party at the FBI office that night was a real hoot.)

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