He couldn't wait

Yes!!!! He did it! He got it! O frabjous day! Calloo, callay!

This is what my husband got me for my birthday! It's a first edition ex-library copy of one of the most lovely books ever written about love, and friendship, and why God gave us Guardian Angels. The library used to own a copy, and ever since it disappeared, I've wished quite shamelessly that I'd stolen it. Now I own a copy with a clean conscience. (And he didn't wait until Saturday to give it to me either! He couldn't wait until then - it's been in his possession for months, you see ... so .... well, it was a Birthday Eve present.)

From the best husband in the whole world.

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Gina said...

Happy Birthday! Oh how wonderful! You posted about this book on the FC boards, so I am delighted that you now own a copy.