Who's with me?

The time change this weekend could be good for your heart. Daylight saving time ends at 2 a.m. Sunday. In Thursday's New England Journal of Medicine, Swedish researchers report they found fewer heart attacks the Monday after clocks were turned back an hour. They examined 20 years of records. The researchers said that moving the clocks ahead appeared to have the opposite effect. (NPR's Morning Edition)
So ... is THAT enough proof for you? Will you join my club now?

For years, I have advocated this idea - but nobody wants to join me. See, I love the "fall back" of the clocks at this time of the year, and I utterly loathe that whole "spring forward" thing that happens just when the whole earth is accelerating already right before summer's energies.

So I've been thinking that what we can do is just keep "falling back" - over and over - until the clock meets up with itself again, and then maybe we can stop changing them at all. How's that for a plan? An extra hour of nighttime for the next twelve years ... or would it be 24?

Well, anyway, here comes "fall back." Switch your clocks this weekend. And then this next spring, let's do it that way again. C'mon. Please?

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