I can smell it from here

That picture is from English4Today.com, and I love it! If you put the dude kind of flung down onto a couch, and then put him in motion - the "can't sit still for more than five minutes" sort of motion that always drove me nuts with my own kids - THEN you'd have a picture of me and my studying day.


But I'm almost there. I can smell it from here. I swear I can. It's not just the scent of the chicken-apple sausage and butternut squash lasagna I made for dinner. (Apparently, trying to "study" turns me into a creative cook, as well as an obsessive ferret-outer of deep piles of long-neglected items, and a suddenly compulsive journaler as well.) Oh. Wait. Where was I?

Oh, yeah. School. It's going to be Week 3 now, and we're supposed to be ready to start our first drafts. I spent a lot of the day popping back off the couch to do a thousand silly things, but at least I kept flinging myself back down onto the thing to keep catching up and getting a handle on this project. Little bits and pieces of the Scent of Schooling are starting to waft my way, and now I think it just might be possible to succeed at this. Maybe. We'll see. I just need to go put the wash into the dryer now, though. And don't the plants need watering?

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Mossback Meadow said...

LOL. I think your life is too rich now. We need to lock you up in a dismal dorm room with a manual typewriter. You need a little more artistic suffering, a little more anguish.
I do hope you'll share that lasagna recipe.