First full draft

See these beautiful squares? They're Jello! The directions for making this dessert with jello and sweetened condensed milk can be found here, at justJENN. I might even try this dessert someday - it's very pretty.

But today? The effort of yesterday and today? Writing my first full draft of my first PLA essay? Ugh.

This has been like stacking jello while it melts and sticks to everything and the layers blend together and blob about in a slowly moving, sticky flow. I think I'm done with the first full draft. And, of course, it's too long and needs lots of tightening and brightening.

But still. Sticky or not, layers running into each other or not, the first full draft is done. I don't remember the last time I wrote 26 pages about anything. I think it feels good to be this far along. I just need to rinse the red and blue off my fingers. I feel sticky.

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