What I need

As I begin work on PLA essays, I can see a theme developing, and it's a Go Find the Book theme. If I don't fix this little issue, my next few years are going to become increasingly inconvenient and annoying and interrupted and impractical. (I'm sure I can avoid today's work by thinking of about fifty adjectives, but you get the idea.)

You see the problem here, right?

It's the stack of books I'm intending to use in one of my essays. And those are just the ones I could think of off the top of my head, that I know I can use, and that I could easily find on the shelves I (mostly) already arranged. Obviously, my "system" isn't one. Or, it's a system, but it's equivalent to having all the necessary components for lunch in the house, but the lunch meat is in the freezer, and the bread is only heels unless I want to get more out of the freezer, and the soup is in cans in the other room, and the chips are still with the picnic stuff from last weekend. Yeah, I've got the stuff. But find it? Avoid spending my whole morning looking for various things?

Note to self: Get a shelving arrangement next to my desk here in the kitchen, and don't do it "later" once my little office gets built. First, put up shelves.

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