25 Years and Counting

Twenty-five years of marriage ... net result:

Conversation before husband goes to store:
"And we can have macaroni salad."
"Okay ... just a sec. We have relish. Um ... Yeah. We have mayonnaise. Just get the macaroni."

Conversation after husband goes to store:
"We got this because we needed it," ("it" is a pie), "and," (hand back into grocery bag) "I got mayonnaise because I don't trust you."

Hmph! I've put the extra mayo in the cupboard now. We already had mayo. I have no idea why he wouldn't trust me! Really. No idea at all.


Anonymous said...

Send me you extra mayo...

Stephanie said...

Oh, no ... sorry, Marie Francesca ... I have to save it -- for when I intended for him to buy mayo, but he forgets it when he gets to the store!