Sun Came Out, Machines Started Up

A few weeks ago, looking across my yard and over the tops of the lilacs, there was this yellow arm of a huge machine coming up the driveway.

Now ... after weeks of rain and snow and cold and wind and more snow than we've seen in ages and more rain to wash it away ... when both the guys have the same day off for once, out came the "D7" -- which is not this thing in the picture - and which I know the name of only because one of those guys keeps slapping his forehead and saying, "we coulda had a D8." (I'm surrounded, and there's nothing to do but surrender to this sort of thing.)

Today, the D7 which is not a D8 is moving back and forth and back and forth, up behind the barn. I've tried twice to get a picture, but instead I get an "error." Maybe my very cheap camera has died. But the D7 has not died. There's sun on the grass, and machinery noise in the yard. I think winter might end this year after all.

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