"One doesn't discover new lands
without consenting to lose sight of the shore
for a very long time."
Andre Gide


Anonymous said...

Hi! I just checked in on your wonderful blog, and I'm curious as to what you're up to with regard to going back to school? I've been doing that myself and am always interested in the experiences of other same-age re-schoolers. Best regards!

Stephanie said...

Trying to figure out how to DO it ... that's what I'm up to.

We simply cannot afford student loan debt. I need to pay for this degree. So ... my job needs to be bringing in more money or something along those lines. I'll probably be doing the majority of course work online, since I live an hour out of the city. I know what degree I want - I just gotta figure out how to make it work.

Thanks for calling my little blog "wonderful" by the way.