Venn and Myers Briggs

Okay ... so the Venn diagram makes the heads hurt, and the husband says he knows of no use for the silly things once the people discussing the matter have agreed on the meanings of the terms, and the Mario says that he cannot figure out what the Abstract Nouns have to do with anything, and that there is art where there is not the intent of communication.

And for a' that, I still like my little diagram. It's the left-brainer Me that likes it, I think. And I think that the shape of the nautilus and the breath of the spring and the sound of water across the rocks are indeed meant to communicate. That's the religious Me who thinks that. I also like diagrams for useful explainings.

However, I too am troubled by the section called "Abstract Nouns" - because it's not words themselves that go there. It's the things the abstract nouns denote. Patriotism, and fear and joy go in that section.

I'm going to work on this concept some more.

And I'm also going to post about personality type some more.

In the meantime, here's a little personality type observation from the news. I think they got 'em right at Slate.com. They've used Kiersey's four divisions of Artisan, Guardian, Idealist, and Rational for the discussion. Of course, not everyone agrees with the take in the article ... see NPR's blog for discussion of the matter, and listen to Columnist Emily Yoffe of Slate talk with Alex Chadwick about what she feels her mini-experiment revealed over at this part of the site.


Anonymous said...

What happened to the picture of the snow covered cabin that was the background for Recollected life?

Stephanie said...

That's our woodshed and barn and such, Anonymous. There's no snow on it any more (in real life, I mean), so I took the picture down.