In other words...

It is useful to distinguish three forms of emergence structures. First-order emergence structures occurs as a result of shape interactions (for example, hydrogen bonds in water molecules lead to surface tension). Second-order emergence structures involves shape interactions played out sequentially over time (for example, changing atmospheric conditions as a snowflake falls to the ground build upon and alter its form). Finally, third-order emergence structures is a consequence of shape, time, and heritable instructions. For example, an organism's genetic code sets boundary conditions on the interaction of biological systems in space and time. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emergence

The art of science, the science of art, eh?

Art is too fluid, too organic, and too "emergent" to fit in a Venn diagram. I repent me of the Venn diagram. Well ... no I don't. Not really. But I think the science of emergence is a close parallel to what I was trying to say about the definition of Art.

It does, I maintain, have a component of communication - but it is more than that.
It will, I maintain, be a presentation in the world of seen things, and it will be presenting something from a world of unseen things.
But as dance is poetry done with the human body, and as music is feeling beyond the words or tunes or instruments, so

Art is a whole that is more than the sum of its parts.

There needs to be a way to show the idea of something "rising" to the level of Art. Art is higher than other things. One moves up to the level of Art. Art elevates. How can I show that in a diagram or figure or chart? Maybe the Venn diagram just needs to be in 3-D.

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