Perfect PBS Timing

So ... I'm sitting here at my desk, listening to OPB online, and I hear about the upcoming fund drive ... and I realize that they're calling for volunteers during the time when we'll be gone on our vacation. Nice! We give to OPB. We love OPB. But we loathe and abhor the programming schitzoid festival of whatonearth!? that passes for the broadcasting schedule during fund drives. So ... they can do all that while we're gone, and we won't be irritated one little bit. Nice!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your vacation. We'll try to reduce the schitzoid before the next one.

John (the OPB fund drive guy)

Stephanie said...

For real, John? Am I really talking to a Fund Drive Guy? I'd sure love to be. We do truly enjoy and give to OPB, and we honestly get so frustrated with the "special" programming during the drive. I suppose you guys have determined that it brings in the bucks, but I wonder. How are those decisions made? (I suppose I should volunteer some time and find out!)