Logjam Sorting

Ever heard of it? These guys are at the sorting jam. The logs are all jammed up and they're being sorted so they can be sent on their way to where they're supposed to go. That's what I need to do next. Sort my logjam.

I've got papers, files, course notes, syllabi, books, and notebooks from last year and last quarter, all mixed up in here with all my church writing projects and ideas, and stuff I want to save and archive, and stuff that needs to be tossed and recycled ... log jam.

And I've got emotional pileups too. New relationships forming, old relationships morphing, and the knowledge that as little as two minutes a day of writing about things is good for my immune system - to say nothing of cognitive and emotional processing.

And classes have started. All online this quarter, with a break in PLA writing because I got confused about tuition and finances and all of that, so I'll finish up PLA in the spring. For winter, I'm playing with the big kids now. Two Human Sciences courses, and one Lit course, and my school adventure is suddenly far more intellectually challenging than it has been yet. All online, though. My driving the Gorge in the winter is not safe for me or anyone else who might be out there with me. Seriously. Not good.

It's time to get back to basics. The List Queen has been long on hiatus, and she needs to come back to her kingdom. Lists, Ahoy! One of the young giants got away with my dry erase board. I need a new one. And a desk calendar. It's Hard to Make a Difference When You Can't Find Your Keys, and it's time to get busy making a difference. I need to start here - or the only difference I will have made in the world will be to have added to the clutter.

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