"Only" an illness

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and comfort for me. This business - this business of having adult children out doing things like being in the army - the hardest thing about it is knowledge without power. Our daughter got a message to us, and although she won't be able to contact us directly for awhile yet, she is safe. She's "just" really ill with one of her champion sinus infections.

I knew it was something. I'm relieved that it is "just" a sinus infection. "Only" an illness. That's all. Well ... that and the fact that there will soon be so many soldiers in Kandahar that they're going to have to double up the living arrangements, which aren't exactly spacious now. That, and she will probably be moved out of there within the next few days anyway, to a different forward operating base. That, and she's too far away and too on the move for there to be anything at all that I can do about her illness - I can't even ask her about symptoms, look them up in one of my books, and tell her what I find. But still. It's only an illness. Weird. I am glad she has a sinus infection. Because that's all it is.


Marchi Wierson said...

having a giant of yours where she is and not knowing what is happening...couldnt you have made her to be more clingy??? lol. love you steph!!!

Donald said...

My prayers are with you and your family. May your daughter heal fast and stay safe. How much longer before she comes home?
My thanks to her and all our armed forces deployed overseas. Years ago they freed my dad from a German prison camp and today they keep us safe. God bless!
PS: Donald is my husband's account

Stephanie said...

Maryse (who is not Donald), I knew a man who was in one of those liberation force units. He was one of the most gentle, kind, and quietly, stubbornly optimistic people I have ever met. (He used to tell his music students that he survived WWII in order to come home and make their lives harder! lol!)

My soldier won't be home until July. Today I found out that the doubling up in the sleeping quarters has happened. She will not be a fan of this arrangement. I'm a little surprised they haven't reported a mushroom cloud seen at Kandahar ... seriously. Not. At. All. A fan. Of this sort of "intimacy."