Golden era when?

Warning: I'm not a Democrat. But I'm not a Republican either. And nothing makes me instantly nuttier than the insane assertion that the "good old days" were that great. My grandmother's day wasn't that great. She only got to go to the third grade before she had to leave school to help earn money. She wasn't born in 1850. She was my grandmother. That's not that long ago. Or ... how 'bout my mother's landlord in her girlhood. They called him "Dirty Joe." Geee ... let's try to guess why ... Or a girl I went to high school with who didn't have a way to talk about what was happening to her - and it was pretty nasty. Presidents who got everyone to hush over infidelity ... the sorts of politicians who inspired the characters in Born Yesterday, or the employers who inspired The Apartment and How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

We live in very good times. (They did too. But ours are a lot better, if you ask me.)

I don't agree with all the politics of anyone, probably. But I agree with this. And so here, for that silliness of the golden era of American wonderfulness ...

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