With thanks for the $, the teachers and the tunes

This just in from LiveScience:

Musicians Read Emotions Better
New research shows that people with musical training are better at reading emotion in sound. In fact, the more years of musical experience people have, and the younger they began their music training, the better their nervous system is at processing emotions in sound.
I think I was five or six when that sort of oddball, rumpled looking man first came to our house to teach me to play the piano. For years after that, through many teachers, lots of lesson money from my parents, and my quitting and starting up again, over and over, the lessons piled up. I have two questions. First, what are those on the table? It looks like the top of a pair of boots, and I know my mother would not have allowed boots on the dining room table. And second, if in her late 40's, the woman is the girl who learned at that piano and still plays it, was it also inevitable that she have the same haircut? I'm just askin.

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