I'm just wondering

Yesterday, in the middle of a conversation, it dawned on me that I remember my life by way of scenes, and that the scenes always have the caption, "This is where I learned ____." My filing system works that way, apparently. So, in order to remember when something happened, or who was there, or what was going on, I look for files about what I learned and then I study the scene to see what I learned there. And then I can place the whole thing in linear time and geographic space, and I can usually remember all the players in the scene.

So I got to wondering.

How do YOU remember things?

Leave me a comment and tell me. Are there as many ways to remember things as there are people? Or ... are there approximately 16 ways (because there are that many personality types) or approximately 8 ways (because there are that many dominant functions) ... or is it completely random? (Just saying that makes me twitchy. I doubt that it's random.)


Leonie said...

I remember things by life events - where I lived when I did that, whether I was pregnant or not, married or not, on holiday or not...My memory is segemented into sections based on family and places we have lived.

Anonymous said...

I often remember things, like people's names, alphabetically. If I can't remember, I just start saying the alphabet until I get to the right letter and it usually pops into my head. But if I am trying to remember when something happened, I think about where I was living and how old my children were. So much like Leonie.