Unsinkable Architect

In another part of the world, an unbreakable architect would be good. Or, perhaps, the people might want to find an unflappable one. But in Seattle, unsinkable is a good kind of anything to find. It doesn't rain as much there as it does at my house, but it rains a lot. And there are a lot of miles of waterfront property up there too. There is a lot of water.

So, in Seattle, there's this guy. He's an architect. He remembers Lucy, of Peanuts fame, setting up her booth and offering advice for 5 cents. Advice for 5 cents is what this architect sells at the open air market. This kind of unsinkable optimism and entrepreneurial buoyancy makes me laugh out loud with delight - and it's somehow even more juicy and delicious that it's happening in unflappable, stoic, Norse and straight-faced Ballard. Listen to the NPR story here, and find out what he does with these nickel conversations. I say, Go, John! Go!

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