Give five minutes ... Get a sweet explanation

My brain, ordinarily quite sufficient for any task at hand, is a brain that simply will not, will not, understand money stuff. I would not, could not, in a box or with a fox or anywhere else with any other creature for company. I swear. I've tried. The things that have money amounts attached to them are the set of things that slip off the surface of my skull-encased thinking organ and slide into oblivion ...

... until now.

Here, at last, is a way to explain finances that makes sense to me. Invest five minutes of your time today - listen to this. You can read it if you want, but it's a very good listen. It's not only a good explanation, it's really funny - because ...well ... haven't you ever traded away bits of your school lunch?

Sweet Memories Of A Snack Food Financial Scheme

Morning Edition, March 13, 2009 · Today, Josh Bearman has gone straight. He's a successful writer in Los Angeles. But he was briefly a criminal mastermind — in 1980 — when he transferred to a new school in Minneapolis and joined the third grade.

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