For Pity's Sake!

Stop! Enough! Today is the NINTH day of the the month of March. In this part of the country we simply do not have SNOW on this date!

Yes, yes, we have done. I know that. And people have also belched loudly at dinner parties, and elbowed old people out of the way, and worn utterly inappropriate clothing to weddings. But these are things we simply do not do.

And snow is the thing we do not do when it is supposed to be 60 degrees by the end of the week. Inappropriate - that's what I call this silly weather. Utterly inappropriate to the season. Do you hear me, clouds? Cut. It. Out.

Addendum: Since writing the above, I talked to my mother. She informed me that it snowed on my first Easter, which was April 2, 1961. Apparently, it does sometimes snow in the spring, but that particular Easter was momentous for another reason. That was my husband's sixth birthday. (He says he does have a vague memory of a birthday cake shaped like a bunny.) So ... is this the first Easter season of the next part of my life then? Hmmm!

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