Ssshhh! Don't tell him, but I just found this card in the garbage.

One side has the address for the college he wants to go to.

And the other side has his note to himself regarding what he needed to do with it, so he wouldn't forget.

Today's his birthday. He's been to Clark (community college) to get his business done, and he's back home again. This is a proud moment in parenting. Even THIS kid - even Mr. WhenI'mgoodandready - learned somewhere along the line that when you really do want something done, you gotta go do it. Just for this, I'll go ahead and buy that nasty "birthday cake" flavored ice cream he wants. (blech!) Happy to do it for the would-be-college boy though, that's for sure. Happy 22nd, John. (And I bet I can get my degree before you do!)

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Polly said...

LOL! Good snooping, Mom.