Grass movers

We have two kinds of grass movers here.

There is the mechanical kind (which bore evidence of new mud on its digging parts when I got home from work today, but I'm not sure why ...)

And we have the sort of grass mover than changes the grass into fertilizer pellets.

I've decided that their names are Whiffle (as in ball) and Puck (as in hockey) - due to the spectacular brain power contained in their cranial regions. The little one (the light brown one) can do a trick, though. He can bounce off the wall of the barn and flip around in a sort of four-legged Donald O'Connor move. He can also get his horns stuck in the fence. Repeatedly. Every day. Cute, but not too bright, these goats.

P.S. If you're vacuuming, don't open the front door to see what's going on out there. P.P.S. And then back to the barn - because they're just too stupid for anything else.

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