I wish I had a sound track to post with this

The birds are singing and chirping and calling and singing and chirping and calling, and the sun is making its way across the floor of the field, and the deep, dark green of fir branches is slowly making way for the spring green of new foliage. Finally!

The above scene is the one I'll see someday from my front porch - when I get one - if I ever have one - I really really really want a front porch! And the brown horse is one of three horses using our field right now. She's not ours, but she looks good in the sun in the morning, don't you think?
And it's about time! The middle of April, here in the legendary "temperate zone" is too late for night temperatures at or near freezing. Enough arreddy!Go, lilacs! Go!

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Greer said...

Gorgeous! Just looking at it makes me relax.