The Kingdom of Personalities is like unto this

The Kingdom of Personalities is like unto a plot of earth, which when turned over and aerated, and then amended, grew new crops of healthy plants. And the soil amendments are the elements of personality in the peoples of the world. We have to have each other's elements if we are to produce a world of health and generosity.

Soil which is good for grapes needs to be on the side of a hill instead of at the bottom of a bog. And the bog changes the soil, and the soil changes the bog.

If all the elements come together in the proper proportions, and the resulting soil is in the right place for the job, bounty results. If not, not. This is why we need each other, and why different people are needed for different reasons at different times. This is why the question put to Esther, wondering if she were here "for such a time as this," is important for all of us. Are you here (wherever you are) for such a time as this?

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