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Kate Greenaway used an early version of the rhyme to illustrate A APPLE PIE which was first published in 1886 and it will be noticed that there is no rhyme for the letter I.

The rhyme of A APPLE PIE is very ancient and reference is made to it as early as 1671 in one of the writings of John Eachard. In these early versions the letters I and J were not differentiated. The letter J as we know it to-day was the curved initial form of the letter I and was always used before a vowel.

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Gina said...

I'd never seen this. I'll have to check out the link later.

Polly said...

Would our children be different if we raised them on this sort of beauty instead of Bratz and vidoegames and most of the ugly primative "art" that illustrates early readers these days?

Are you familiar with Tasha Tudor - she's my favorite.

Stephanie said...

Tasha Tudor is lovely for sure. (And it's interesting to note that even in this highly stylized sort of art, the children still have plenty of grief, sadness, greed, and violence in their lives.) Did you know Jan Brett just put out a new book? It's just as sumptuously comforting and wintery as The Mitten.