A really good one over at Jaden's

Over at Jaden's Steamy Kitchen, this appears:

These past few days, I needed to cook healthy. Not for me, but for the sake of my children.

You see, last week, I had Lasik eye surgery. As any reasonable mother would do, I milked it as far as I could go in terms of slacking on my housewifery duties. Laundry? bah..eyes too dry. Ironing? doc said no heavy lifting. Dishes? need to lay down to put in drops every 2 hours. Vacuuming? nope…can’t see squat after squirting in drops. Best to just sleep in every morning and let Scott handle the kids.

It took 3 days before the kids confessed me what they’ve been eating for breakfast….

What follows is very funny, and really yummy too!!! Go there. 's good stuff!

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