What's Wrong with our Food?

Here it is. In less than nineteen minutes, a clear and concise presentation delineating many of the reasons I've got a Health Hunter category in my writing on this blog. Go, Robyn O'Brien!


dogwooddiarist said...

Yikes. What a good messenger. A corporate executive from Texas. A think blonde mom of 4. She really shows just how backward our priorities are. Capitalism in this country is becoming truly unpatriotic. I'm all into this research about our food supply, too. Big changes happening in our household and in my diet. Thanks, Stephanie. Great video.

Kathryn said...

This is the best explanation i've seen for these issues.

I've posted this link at Facebook and at Hawkes' Health. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

One thing she doesn't touch on is that many of these proteins - egg, milk, soy, and peanut - are used in the vaccines that children are given. This bypasses their natural immune system. The fact that they are modified may make them much more likely to create problems for the children as well.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for linking, Kathryn! I could hardly believe my ears when I heard her - she's so succinct!

Stephanie said...

I've been on the warpath with this for awhile, Miz Dogwood. I've been too ill, too many times, and in this kind of weirdly depleted way ... high quality food is absolutely essential, and if other countries and get the CONSUMER DEMAND to force the industry to treat us like humans and not lab rats, then we sure ought to be able to do it too!