Life's Little Ironies

Today's task: write a PLA essay for the course, Interpersonal Communication. Today's challenge: write, dammit! Write! It's all uphill today. I can feel it beginning to gather momentum, though. I remember how to do this. It's taken me all day to get to this remembering. Ugh.

And I want the library to send me a copy of the book, Improv Wisdom : don't prepare, just show up, by Patricia Ryan Madson. It has suddenly hit me that what I was talking about was "improv" - the way musicians and comedians think about it.

Okay. FVRL. (Fort Vancouver Regional Library)

Log in.

Title search.

Good. There's a copy on the shelf. Maybe I can get it by tomorrow when I'm working at the library anyway. Super.

Place hold.

So ... need to go back to the essay now. Really don't have any extra time here. Already running late.

Hmmm ... so ... what is near it "on the shelf," in this search engine?

Oh good grief.

Confused about communication and life skills? Maybe this is part of the reason. These are the books next to each other in the library, which means they're about the same subject.

Book #1: Improv Wisdom : don't prepare, just show up

Book #2: Today matters : 12 daily practices to guarantee tomorrow's success

(I shouldn't have looked)

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