Do you know this book?

Cynthia Voigt - know her? I do. I mean to say, I know her books. She writes. She wrote the Tillerman series, beloved in our house, and a lot of other things too ... but this is an adult novel, and I love it. I found it in the sale rack at a tiny little bookstore in Seattle a long long time ago, and I bought it and I've read it several times.

And I want MORE of this. Another one. I want another one, do you hear me? But my Ms. Voigt only wrote this one adult novel, and apparently "it didn't do very well," which means that the audience that would have have been clamoring for more if they'd just known about it didn't know about it. I know about it. I want another one.

I read somewhere that she wrote it like an old movie - a Cary Grant sort of movie. It most certainly feels like that. The reader isn't sure exactly what's going on until the very end, and it's quite romantic in a non-gushy, brisk and art deco kind of way, and the main character is a butler - or is he?

Do you know this book? If you do, do you know another one like it?

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