Isn't She Lovely?

Sew Liberated has a blog! I didn't realize!

And her patterns are on sale right now, and she's all that's cool and inventive and modern and competent and stylish about our culture at the moment.

Her philosophy: Sew Liberated is a way of looking at craft that is, at once, traditional and completely modern. Depending on who you are and your own preferences, you can find solace in the "traditional crafts" either as a return to a slower lifestyle, or as a fist-held-high statement of non-conformism with today's commercial culture. Personally? I identify with both reasons and don't see them as mutually exclusive.

See what I mean? I love all her work.

Here's one of her many delicious aprons. Pretty, useful, happy, modern, traditional, practical ... Hooray for Montessori teacher Meg! She's Sew Liberated!

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