Prior Learning ... Assessed! (almost)

After a miserably long time of inactivity, THIS is going to be the quarter. This one. Spring. 2011. Before this year's summer, I will have turned in a Prior Learning Assessment portfolio with forty-five college credits in it. 45!! Maximum allowable amount, changed my mind over and over on whether or not to do the maximum amount, and now I'm all set up to sprint to the finish. A whole academic year's worth of credits, credited to me, because I actually know this stuff, and I can prove it, and it can be added to my transcript.

On this page, there is a link to Janyce Andre's story. Her narrative goes like this: Wondered about it, looked into it, wrote for it, and in "less than two years," finished her degree. (Wow!)

My narrative, on the other hand, goes like this: Got an unaccredited degree, decades went by, wondered about an accredited degree, looked into it, wrote for it, took other classes along the way, never went more than 2/3 time, usually only 1/1 time, changed my major three times before settling down, started PLA work, did a bunch, let it languish ... got overwhelmed at a silly little snag that amounted to nothing .... made ridiculous attempt to finish without support (not recommended), and now, finally, yesterday, admitted my need for help, made appointments, and THIS QUARTER I'm going to finish the thing.

(And what did we learn today?)

Well, we learned several things, Sergeant.
  1. We learned that sometimes the "easiest" things need the most community support. I'm not sure why that is, but it often is - for me, anyway.
  2. We learned that for the willing learner, there is a teacher. Always. And Jackie Fowler is just what the (slow-to-be-)willing learner needed! Marylhurst's instructors are the best.
  3. We learned that the circuitous route will get you there eventually.
We're deciding to let that be okay.

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Missy Hempe said...

I got an unaccredited degree too and I've been too timid to look into trying to get a REAL degree. Good for you!