I have to say it


I know, I know. In the face of such horrible human disaster and anguish, it's a very small matter. You get a free pass if you're actually in danger. But for the rest of you?

It's pronounced like this:


It is NOT pronounced "noo" "cue" "lur"

Are we all clear now? Practice if you have to. Just stop saying nuculer. Seriously.


Missy Hempe said...


Sherri said...

how do you feel about Real A Tor
or how about cavalry vs calvary?
somewhat different: unthaw.
How I miss you.

Stephanie said...

Oh, man. Only a sister would know to torture me with ree-luh-tr. At least you didn't say jewlary! (doh! Now I said it!)

Deanna said...

Thank you. That is all.

Anonymous said...

Ath-a-letic? Breaks my ears.

-that Erik guy.

Stephanie said...

Oh heavens yes! I forgot about all the athaletes out there, Erik! (groan...)

Carol said...

These are great!! Don't you just want to ask, "And what exactly does nuculer mean to you?"

Does "irregardless" make you cringe as well? (me too)...

Stephanie said...

"Irregardless" needs to be locked up forever in a vault where it can keep company with "exact same" and stop bothering the rest of us!